On Demand Recording Tips

We are thrilled to include your pre-recorded video in our 2021 Virtual SciFam content and are so grateful for your participation.

Given that this year's live breakout sessions will only be about 40 minutes in length, we are offering another format for attendees to learn more about your work. ​Please review these tips to ensure a great experience for both presenter and audience.

  1. The shorter, more succinct your video is, the more likely attendees will watch your video. Depending on the depth of the content you wish to cover, your recording should be anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes in length, erring on the shorter side if possible.

  2. You can record your video on your own and send us the file (we will send you an upload link), or we would be happy to record your presentation via Zoom. The format can be an interview with Cure CMD or Team Titin, just you and your slides, you and a colleague discussing the project, answering pre-submitted questions from the community, or any combination of these!

  3.  We will send you a SciFam-branded background that will include your name and affiliation, and we request that you use this background when recording your video.

  4. Given the potential for language barriers and variability in the scientific literacy of our audience, please use lay-friendly terminology and concepts as much as possible, and limit presentations to simple, easy-to-explain graphics.

  5. If you are recruiting for a study, be sure to outline inclusion criteria and potential benefits to prospective participants.

  6. Keep it casual! Similarly to how you might explain your work to a family member or someone you met at a party, try to keep your video casual, conversational, or even a little bit funny!



Here is an example outline:

  1. Introduction: Introduce yourself, your institution, and if applicable, name (or introduce) other colleagues.

  2. Briefly describe the video's topic and what you will be covering.

  3. Present your topic. See format suggestions in #2 above.

  4. Include any call to action or recruitment activity (if applicable).

  5. Answer any questions we have shared from the community.

  6. Wrap up/conclusion.

Our goal is to ensure that affected individuals and families know that smart, dedicated people like you are working to improve diagnostic odyssey, standards of care, and identify treatments for their condition. This provides HOPE and makes them feel that they are not alone.

Questions? Please let us know how we can support you!  Email us at scifam@curecmd.org.

Thank you!